Amanda Boxtel puts her best foot forward

By Troy Hooper
Real AspenOctober 19, 2010
Nearly 18 years ago, a skiing accident at Snowmass rendered Amanda Boxtel paralyzed from the waist down. Last weekend, with the help of crutches and a spotter, she walked onto a stage in Texas.
Boxtel walking on stage.

Placing one foot in front of the other, Boxtel gleefully squealed: “I'm doing it!”

Boxtel, a resident of Basalt and co-founder of the Challenge Aspen nonprofit organization, has become a model and spokesperson for an exoskeleton lower extremity gait system that goes by its acronym eLEGS. The system, developed in Berkley, Calif., is a takeoff of a military application called Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) that allows soldiers to carry heavy equipment over extreme terrain.

A company called Berkley Bionics has taken the technology from the HULC robotic system, licensed to Lockheed Martin, and made it available to the 6 million or so U.S. residents who suffer paralysis. The company teamed up with the University of California, Berkley, to build the human augmentation robotics system, which consists of a battery in a backpack, metal leg casings, sensors and a computer.

“To take my first step in the eLEGS was just astounding because I bent my knee for the first time in 18 years,” Boxtel says in an eLEGS video. “I placed my heel on the ground, then I transferred my weight, then I took another step and another one. And it was so natural and that's what really gripped me.”

Standing 5 feet, 7 inches tall, Boxtel — who also has undergone extensive stem-cell treatments in India because they are illegal in the United States — says she can feel blood flowing through her legs again.

“I'm not meant to be in my wheelchair sitting down and rolling. I want to be tall in my body, to walk on sidewalks, to walk in restaurants but, most importantly, to walk in nature,” Boxtel says. “This isn't a wave of the future; eLEGS is happening right now. I don't have to be hopeful. This is reality.”

So real, in fact, that Boxtel is walking across stages all over America promoting eLEGS, which are scheduled for clinical trials in 2011 at select locations. They are expected to retail for around $100,000. Over time, Berkley Bionics makers say they hope to offer a lighter and less-expensive contraption.

Boxtel adds that the technology is especially exciting for people who are newly injured as they may be able to retain their muscle memory before atrophy begins to occur. It also could prevent digestive and poor circulation problems that can result from spending a prolonged period relying on a wheelchair.

“So many people say the first thing they encounter after an injury or an amputation is the word no. … We are demonstrating here there is no such word as no,” Berkley Bionics CEO Eythor Bende said.

One out of every 50 Americans reportedly suffer from paralysis. To use eLEGS, paraplegics must be physically fit, between 5 feet, 2 inches and 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weigh 220 pounds or fewer.

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To understand tarot time you must understand the four suits and which season they represent, the four suits are: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each of the four elements is associated with a compass point - the following directional quotes are true for the Northern hemisphere, therefore if you are in the southern hemisphere then the opposites will apply. So what are the elemental dignities of the four tarot suits... Tarot gitano del Amor con Alicia 24 horas-El Tarot más consultado de España

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No one knows the history of Tarot with certainty. Facts and fiction have been oft-repeated until the two have co-mingled creating a "history" that is neither fact nor fiction. From gaming to the mystical, the history of Tarot is as colorful as its cards. click

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Tarot card meanings and interpretations are based on numerology, the elements; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical processes and of course the drawing and placement of the cards. The meaning of Tarot cards is universally consistent and lends credibility to this ancient oracle. The soul lives in images. The soul nourishes itself on images. A picture speaks a thousand words. website directory

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Many people nowadays have heard of or even practiced tarot reading, but not many of them truly understand how tarot symbols actually work. Tarot cards consist of symbols, images, colors, elements, numbers, astrology signs and archetypes, which give guidance and insight in understanding our minds and ourselves. Some people linked tarot symbols to pagan beliefs and even to negative and dark sides because of its rich history, which begins in the 15th century. right here

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Most people facing some sort of problems in life have been known to get relief through tarot readings. The people who are trying hard to make progress in their love lives, business or career rely on tarot reading for finding their luck. basics

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Many psychic readings involve Tarot cards to help psychics gain insight and help to best guide you. If you've never experimented with Tarot cards or had a reading before, I would recommend it. A Tarot psychic reading can clue you in to the paths you should investigate in life, help you adjust to difficult challenges ahead, and help you to know what is written in the cards. go to my site

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One of the most popular Tarot card spreads, the Celtic Cross is most commonly described as having ten cards. Six form the cross, directly in front of the reader, while the remaining four are laid out vertically at the reader's right hand. Other versions use as many as thirteen, and the layout varies slightly from reader to reader. For our purposes, the most common layout will be do fine. visit my new website

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Are you thinking about getting a phone tarot reading? Curious how much different the tarot is over the telephone, versus going to see someone face to face? Is it harder to read, interpret or position the cards? And what are the advantages of having a tarot reading done "blind"? (i.e. - with you NOT in the same room as the psychic, intuitive or clairvoyant doing the actual reading) If you are anything like I once was, and passionate about everything psychic, intuitive and just plain "cool" to explore, a tarot reading should be tops on your list of psychic experiences to have. visit site

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Free horoscopes and tarot readings have led to a massive surge in the increase of number of people interested in future predictions. It is true that a free guide to future prediction can help us solve a lot of our current problems and that too with relative ease at no cost. Say you are having problems with your partner or a hard time at work. Worried about your career goals? here

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Rewards and paybacks are just around the corner. Don't give up anything for anyone. Read the entire article to fully learn the tarot symbolism and tarot card meaning of The World. link

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People are curious about tarot, but often know nothing about its origins or how to apply it. This article explains what tarot is and what it is not in simple terms. see this page

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The cards used in making the tarot reading can depict the events of specific spheres of the life of a man. If the person making the reading has the required qualifications, such as the experience and knowledge, he will surely be able to make a clear prediction of the aspects needed. other

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This article will give you 20 possible answers to the crossword clue “rest atop.” Read on to find the answers to this clue, which is also ... rest atop

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